We enjoy listening to customers talk about their Carruth sculptures because it is usually within the context of a story about meaningful events, places or people. Sometimes they will describe specific items in their collection, and they usually include at least one of these common traits; Unique Character, Amazing Detail and Lasting Quality

Triple Dog Welcome
1197 A
Green Man
1137 G
cast stone sculpture

Unique Character is apparent in George Carruth’s earliest art. He has a rare talent for infusing personality and emotion into every subject. This is also evident in the work of the artists he has mentored. The common themes you will find across the entire collection are a mix of nature, humor and love.

1036 A

Amazing Detail is evident in the eyes of a friendly gaze and the smallest creatures from ladybugs to butterflies. Close attention is also given to the way each gift box is carefully packed with recyclable materials.

Memories of You
Memories of You

Lasting Quality is the collective passion of the dedicated artisans who make Carruth’s art available at a price almost everyone can afford. Each design is hand cast in stone to last a lifetime indoors and out, in any weather throughout the year. The entire process of casting, unmolding, finishing, patina application and packaging are all done by hand in Waterville, Ohio.

“…but the first time I tried carving a stone, something indescribable touched me. It felt like a homecoming, and every time I go to the pile of stones behind my studio and one picks me, it feels that way all over again.”

George Carruth
The First Noel Nativity
1260 A